About us

Cragger is a climbing guidebook publishing platform and accompanying guidebook app.

That’s it. It’s simple, beautiful, and a pleasure to use for both climbers and publishers. Ok, we’re biased, but our users agree that we’ve created a guidebook that’s useful, usable, and desirable.

We’re Climbers, Designers and Developers

Cragger is made up of climbers, app designers and developers who know how to design software. We do it everyday for large and small organizations and now we’re doing it for ourselves. I’d bore you with lots of technical acronyms of the programming languages and projects we’ve worked on in our professional lives but it’s enough to say we’re a nerdy bunch with entrepreneurial spirit and a love for climbing.

Located in Squamish, Canada

Cragger is run out of Canada’s premier rock climbing town, Squamish. It’s a sweet little town located 30 minutes north of Vancouver on the Sea to Sky Highway going to Whistler.