Butora Altura Review


For cracks and all day multi-pitch, I love TC Pros. In fact, I’ve owned 4 pairs of TC Pros in as many years and like everyone else, I sing their praises. They edge well, their comfort and performance are better than anything I’ve ever had. Jammed in a crack you’re solid.

However, this year I was up for a new set of the Tommy Caldwells and I couldn’t stomach the price tag. I’d decided I was going to look for a cheaper alternative. After much searching I found the Scarpa Techno Xs for men–they’re nice looking, flat lasted, XS edge rubber, and stiff like the TC Pro. Moreover, they were $40 dollars (or so) cheaper. I crossed my fingers and bought them and have come to trust them as much as my TC Pros.

Today I received a set of Butora Altura climbing shoes and asked to give them a go and provide some feedback. What do I think of them? How do they hold up on Squamish granite, smashed in cracks, edging on micro crystals, and sucking up all my foot juices everyday? How do they compare to the TC Pros and Scarpa Techno Xs? Over the next couple months stay tuned as I review the Butora Altura and see if the new Korean upstart has created a competitor to the much-loved but increasingly expensive TC Pro.