We’re almost there

Well, unfortunately Summer 2015 came and went without Cragger App. Well, that’s not entirely true. Yours truly and a handful of others used Cragger for the summer but we were unable to iron out the administrative side of the app to get it launched to those that matter–you.

I can’t tell you exactly all the hoops we jumped through but they were many and varied. The running joke when asked when the app would launch was, “Two weeks.” Alas, some bug or Apple request would set us back a few days and we were back at the start of the application process.

Through it all, you have to just smile and go with the flow. Cragger will launch this 2015/2016 year and we’re super excited about that. In fact, tonight we ironed out another small bug and put it back into the iTunes queue. If approved, you’ll have Cragger in ‘two weeks.’