Cragger launches in iTunes

We’re happy (and exhausted) that Cragger was accepted into iTunes in late December 2015. We’re climbers and nerdy types here at Cragger so we enjoy getting our hands dirty in both zeros and ones and nasty rock but Cragger was a challenge for our team. We’ve been working for 2 years designing, developing, redesigning, redeveloping, labouring in our caves, smacking our foreheads, the whole catastrophe getting Cragger to you.

Why have you kept it quiet?

It’s been a bit over a month since our soft launch and we’ve seen downloads by people in Canada, the US, and a few in Asia. (I’m wondering if we’ll see a Chinese knock-off in the near future.) Actually, we’re in an assessment phase watching how the app works across the different iOS devices and monitoring crashes. (Aside: we’ve had only 1 crash since the launch and I think it was my iPhone. I had a development Cragger version on my phone and I believe it clashed with my for-real version.)

Our intention giving away Cragger for free is to get your feedback before the climbing season starts. There are a tonne of climbers like you that wanted to get our app right away. We needed feedback. In the Venn diagram of apps and feedback, free is the overlapping area.

For a limited time, Cragger’s Smoke Bluffs Guide, is FREE

So, feel free to go grab Cragger at iTunes. On your iOS phone or tablet, go to the App Store app and search for ‘Cragger.’

What can I do with Cragger

What?! You haven’t heard? Oh man. Ok, let me talk about our great climbing app.

  • At its heart, it’s a comprehensive guide book of climbs…use it to get info about climbs
  • Search for climbs by name
  • Browse climbs by grade, distance from your location, and star ranking
  • Make ticklist of climbs you’ve done or want to do
  • Use the map to orient yourself and lead you to crags
  • Leave your bulky paper guidebook at home