Cragger Climbing Guide Publishing Platform

Cragger Publishing Platform

Over the last year we’ve been working on implementing the new Cragger Publishing Platform. I know, B-O-O-O-RING! Actually, it’s not as boring as you might expect. What’s rad about it is the speed with which publishers can enter their content, update their content, and get it going live to the app.

We upgraded our system in response to our own irritation with our last platform. It was slow to respond, finickity, and delivered our guide material to the phone through our own communication system. Don’t get me wrong, it was good but it had room for improvement.

Thus, we have a new system now built on Amazon Web Servers, on a super-fast JSON communication system, and scaleable to insane degrees. It’s fast, beautiful, usable in the field on your phone or tablet.

I’d like to show you but that’s for publishers’ eyeballs only. If you’d like to talk about putting your guide into Cragger, drop us a line.