Where’s the Android?

Oh brother! It’s been 2 seasons since we launched Cragger iOS version and Android is still lagging behind. We’ve had lots of Android users come up and ask when it’s coming out. I’m here to tell you that we’re committed to bringing you an Android version but it’s hard.

Hard?! What’s hard? Development is hard. Growing a business is hard. Having new families, babies, and responsibilities is hard. Developing new crags is hard. Paying the bills is hard. Cragger is a passion project that could be so much more but getting all the big things in life managed so we can put our attention into this project is hard. It’s hard but it’s going ahead.

We’ve got new developers and new designs and we’re forging ahead. This last month we hired a developer to complete our iOS version and another to complete our Android version. It’s been a buzz of activity to coordinate new people and infect them with our enthusiasm to bring the best app guidebook system out there.

We hope to have a new version in the next few weeks and as for Android, we’ll keep you informed.