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Built for Climbing Guidebook Publishers & Authors

You might wonder why we built Cragger in the first place. Why did we spend thousands of our own dollars to create the Cragger Publishing Platform? Why has Cragger spent months designing, developing, walking around climbing crags, and speaking to guidebook publishers and climbers about ‘making an app?’

Our reason for Cragger, the ‘why’ of our existence, is not to make personal fortunes (although that’d be nice). We created Cragger for guidebook publishers. We believe in guidebooks and the people who make them are important to the life of climbing. Publishers and authors give critical information that we use each time we venture out to the crag. Without it, climbers take greater risk. And let’s face it, paper publishing is a tough gig. I suspect even the best publishers don’t have dump trucks of money being dumped onto their mansion lawns. We wanted to provide publishers with a no-upfront-cost, easy, quick money-making solution to getting their guidebooks for sale online.

So, we at Cragger created a platform for guidebook publishers for FREE and make every effort to make our platform easy to use, quick to update, streamlined to publish. Publishing isn’t going to take you months to do, manually typing in all the routes by hand. Yuk! We have the people, technology, and know-how to import many different format types into our platform…thus minimizing your time to market.

Our focus is on the publisher and not so much on the app. Yes, our app is super easy to use, fun, and informative for climbers but really our focus is on getting publishers content online because our app is already awesome.

If you’re a publisher, we’d love to have you on our platform in months to come. We will help you through automated importing of your content and hands-on support to get your guide(s) into the Cragger Store. We do that at no-cost. We want to support your continued hard work in bringing routes to your climbing community.