To App or Not to App

Early in our efforts we spoke with a few guidebook publishers and heard they wanted to get their guides into an app but faced key considerations. First of which is cost.

Publishers didn’t realize they’d need to pay for three component parts to an app:

  1. the app,
  2. the content management system,
  3. the web service that connects the two

Cragger Publishing Platform

The lowest possible cost to develop a guide app seemed out of budget for small to medium sized publishers–minimum $60,000.

When you add additional costs for developing on multiple platforms (Apple and Android) and the cost of upkeep (typically 20% of total cost annually) you can see the dollars piling up. The initial cost outlay is high which will need to be recovered through sales…and possibly cannibalizing your paper sales.

That takes me to their second major concern. Let’s face it, people expect apps for free or minimal cost these days. It’s been a race to the bottom for businesses as they’ve jockied for app-supremacy or used apps as a platform (or loss leader) for their larger offerings. We understood guidebook publishers concern that they’d have to undercut their offline sales and likely impact their short term revenue.

We realized that both cost and cost-recovery were limiting these publishers from getting online and expanding to this new sales channel.

The Cragger Publishing Platform

Although we’re climbers, we’re also professional designers and coders. We knew we could design, develop, and roll out a platform at minimal cost and just a lot of hard work. We removed the cost factor for publishers. It’s been two years of working off the sides of our desks, in our spare time, out of our own pockets, and with the support of family and friends to give Cragger to publishers for free.

That’s right, the Cragger Publishing Platform is free to publishers

Publishers are still stuck with the conundrum of selling their content for reduced prices in a digital world. One just has to look at the recording industry wrestling with album vs. digital sales to see that you can either change with the digital-times or risk larger irrelevancy. This is the recurring story of progress that guidebook publishers are facing.

We’re another sales channel that your readers want

Cragger offers guidebook publishers a chance to get their guides digitized and selling according to how their audiences want their content. And like those recording businesses and artists that rolled with the times and prospered in this new age, guidebook publishers need to do likewise. And those that do will gain the leader’s advantage.

Our offering

If you’re a young entrepreneurial type of climber who wants to publish the guide for your local crag we want to talk to you. If you’re a not-so-young entrepreneurial guidebook publisher with a few guides under your belt, we want to talk to you too. What do we offer in our partnership?

  • We provide a free publishing platform to manage and sell your guide(s).
  • We offer a fair negotiated fee for each sale of a guide. Our success depends on your success.
  • We support, improve, and update the software.
  • We won’t put you in competition with other Cragger publishers. If we agree to you publishing for XYZ area, you have exclusivity.
  • We provide you with support to enter your content.
  • We will work with you to figure out how we can support your offline sales.
  • We’re always listening to what you want for your readers.

Like what you hear?

If you’re interested and want to talk more, we’re happy to get on the phone and speak. Drop us an email, provide your name, location, and phone number and we’ll be happy to arrange a meeting, show you the Cragger Publishing Platform, the app, and get the ball rolling for you to sell online.

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